The principal goal of the GP Health and Wellbeing Program is to promote the health and wellbeing of GPs within the Western Victoria Primary Health Network region.

Western Victoria Primary Health Network encourages GPs to undertake self-care strategies, as well as, developing and providing GP peer support mechanisms through professional and social activities.

The three main programs which aim to support GP health and wellbeing are:

  • Our Peer Support Program/Small Learning Groups 
  • Doctors for Doctors 
  • Promoting the Victorian Doctor's Health Program (VDHP)

Western Victoria Primary Health Network also hosts various social events throughout the year, a great chance to network and meet medicos from throughout the region.

Small Group Learning/Peer Support Groups

Western Victoria Primary Health Network has a number of GP peer groups with 30% of our GP workforce involved in a Peer Group. Evidence shows that being a member of a peer group prevents isolation, stress and burnout among GPs.

GP peer groups are monthly meetings between a group of 6-8 GPs with a psychiatrist acting as a facilitator. GPs drive the group and topics discussed, which vary according to GP needs. Peer groups used to be more psychiatry focused, but have now evolved to maintaining GP health and wellbeing.

Peer groups are open to all GPs, and GPs gain 40 Group 1 points for attending 8 out of 10 meetings per year.

GPs normally join a peer group at the start of the year; however if a GP wishes to join a group midyear please contact us.

Catering is provided at all peer groups. All GPs need to bring is themselves.

Doctors for Doctors

Healthy doctors, healthy patients’ is a well known maxim of the medical profession.

Doctors need to be well to provide high-quality health care to their patients and the community and to experience medicine as a rewarding and satisfying career.

Western Victoria Primary Health Network has a list of GPs that have kindly nominated themselves to be a doctor for another doctor. The list contains details of a doctor's speciality e.g. stress, burnout, mental health, addiction medicine, cancer and women's health.

Some GPs have provided their home addresses and phone numbers for ease of private contact. Due to the highly confidential nature of this list, GPs are required to sign a confidentiality form.

All contact will be treated in confidence.

Victorian Doctor's Health Program (VDHP)

If you think you may have a problem, if a doctor or medical student you care about is at risk, help is available from the Victorian Doctor's Health Program.

VDHP is a confidential and compassionate service for doctors and medical students with health concerns including stress, anxiety, overwork, depression, alcohol or other substance misuse and mental health problems.

The VDHP program is confidential and the names of participants and those who refer them are not divulged. The service is conducted with the utmost discretion.

Contact VDHP on 9280 8712.

Program Officer

Helene Gilmore
Ph: 5222 0804